Collection: Shiny Decorative Orbz

Orbz Balloons are most favorite decorative balloons. They provide huge impact and look stunning. Typically used in balloon garlands as accents. They also look great in personalized helium arrangements.

  • Shiny decorative orbz balloons are perfect metallic round ball shape balloons
  • They are self-sealing
  • May be filled with air or helium (require a hand pump to fully inflate). If inflating with helium, it requires the latex valve to be used.
  • Available in the following sizes: 7", 10", 14", 20", 24", 32"
  • Origin: Made in Japan

Inflation instructions:

  1. Find the valve and insert nozzle of the compressor gently in it for 3cm
  2. Slowly inflate the balloon so as not to damage the valve
  3. Side panel will open with "pop" sound
  4. Keep inflating until the wrinkles are reduced to 1 cm - 6 cm.
  5. Stop inflating and wait for few minutes to get the film stretched
  6. Wait a few minutes, then inflate until no wrinkles are present

PLEASE NOTE: Helium is provided only for pick up or delivery at extra charge. Please inquire with us before placing any orders that require helium.