How do I find the right product?

You can go to the menu Balloon Shop to buy balloons from us.

If you'd like to order balloon decor, please find Balloon Arrangements, Helium Balloons, Balloon Garlands to Go and Decor Packages to view all available designs.

Can I return or exchange the balloons for any reason?  For example, if I don't like them, if they pop or if I received them late? 

No, all sales are final. Please review carefully our Shipping Policy and our Return Policy for exchange of manufacturer defected or damaged products only. 


How to order custom designs and decor packages?

We would love to create a modern and unique balloon design for your special event. Please send as an email to mommyandballoons@gmail.com. 

Please include the following information:

1. Date when you need the decor

2. Time when you need the decor

3. Pick up or delivery/set up. Location. 

4. Desired theme for your event

5. Budget for decor

Please include inspirational photos for the balloon decor you have in mind. You can find inspiration on our instagram (@mommyandballoons) or elsewhere online.  

Once we receive your email, please allow 48 hours for us to reply with our availability and quote. 

Do I need to pay a deposit? 

Yes, we require a deposit or full payment to place the order.

Please be advised that your order is NOT confirmed until we receive 50% deposit for orders over $300. Please note we ask for a full payment for orders under $300.

How can I pay for my order? 

For event and party decor, we accept payment via email transfer. 

Where do you deliver? 

We are located in Oshawa, Ontario, Canada.

We deliver in parts of Durham region including Pickering, Ajax, Whitby, Oshawa, Courtice, Bowmanville, Newcastle, Orono, Uxbridge. Minimum order for delivery in Durham region is $100.

We also deliver in parts of York region including Markham, Richmond Hill, Vaughan, Aurora, Whitchurch-Stouffville, Newmarket, East Gwillimbury, King. Minimum order for delivery in York region is $250.

Sometimes we have inquiries regarding balloon decorations outside our regular delivery area (Toronto, GTA and beyond). Please contact our team via email mommyandballoons@gmail.com to check if we are able to deliver outside our regular delivery area. Remember to mention which product you are looking for. Minimum order for delivery outside our regular delivery area is $500.

Do you offer same-day delivery? 

No. Minimum time required for delivery is 24 hours. Please email us mommyandballoons@gmail.com to ensure availability and to book a delivery slot. 

What time can you deliver my order? 

Deliveries can be arranged from 11AM to 7PM Monday through Friday. Weekend deliveries are not available and can only be arranged in exceptional circumstances.

All deliveries have 1 hour delivery window. 

How much do you charge for delivery? 

We charge $2 per km for delivery from our location in Oshawa (Taunton and Harmony).

Do you offer a curbside pickup? 

Yes, we offer curbside pick up at our location in Oshawa (Taunton and Harmony). Please send us an email to mommyandballoons@gmail.com to arrange for curbside pick up. We require a minimum of 24 hours to place the order subject to availability. We are open from 10AM to 6PM Monday through Friday. Weekend hours may vary. We can accommodate for a pick up outside our regular business hours. Please note that  appointment is required for any curbside pickup during, before or after business hours. 

How do I transport balloons? 

Please be advised that to transport most of our balloon arrangements and our 7 feet Garland to Go, you need to bring a large SUV with back seats folded. We assist in placing balloons inside your vehicle. 

In case the balloons do not fit in your vehicle, we can arrange for delivery within our regular delivery area for additional fee. Delivery is subject to availability and time depends on the delivery slot we have open on that date. Delivery fee of $2 per kilometer will apply to all deliveries. 


For how long can I expect the helium balloons to float? 

We use only the best quality balloons and we add a special product inside the balloons that make them float longer. We use a non-toxic, water soluble product called Hi-Float in most of our helium filled balloons to extend their floating time. However, balloons life depends greatly on the conditions they are kept in. Most balloons will float for 48 hours indoors. These times do NOT apply to balloons outdoors. 

For how long can I expect air filled balloons to last? 

Balloons that are air filled (Balloon arrangements and Balloon Garlands etc) can last from 1 week to a month if there is no direct sun-light or anything stressing them. These times do NOT apply to balloons outdoors. 

Can you guarantee how long balloons will last?

We guarantee that we will deliver the balloons or give them to you at the time of pick up in a perfect condition. We cannot guarantee, however, the floating time for helium balloons. Helium filled latex balloon float times may vary depending on the size and style. Most balloons will float for 12-48 hours indoors. When ordering helium filled balloons, we recommend scheduling the delivery or pick up on the day of your event. Cold air, hot air, high humidity, changing pressure, high altitudes, and moving air from fans and vents will reduce balloons floating time. Mommy & Balloons is not responsible for balloons popping after installation or after pick up or delivery. 

Mommy & Balloons is not responsible for any balloons popping that are installed or taken outdoors.